Colossus 14 in Shadow of the Colossus is known as the fourtheenth colossus Cenobia, taking the form of a Cerberus Colossus that has a very similar size and shape to one we've already seen before.

Cenobia is a lot like Celosia - which is probably why fans have given them such similar names - with the fourteenth colossus charging at you, whilst wearing impenetrable armour that protects its one back-based sigil, in a very similar way to the Lion colossus that came earlier.

Nonetheless, Cenobia is tough - really tough - and so here on this page we'll guide you through the fourteenth colossus' location as well as how to defeat Cenobia, the Cerberus Colossus once you've reached it.

Colossus 14 location and how to defeat the fourteenth colossus Cenobia, the Cerberus Colossus

Cenobia, the fourteenth colossus that's based on a kind of Cerberus is located right in the farthest north-west corner of the map.


Charge out from the Shrine of Worship once more, this time crossing the western-facing natural bridge like you did for colossi nine and ten.

From there, head north-west across the fields, as if you're going towards the path that led to colossus number three - only hang slightly left of that for another pass through the mountains that's due north-west.


Keep following that pass until you come out the far side, then hug the left wall until you reach a bit of a t-junction, where you should take the right hand fork (heading north).


Hug the left wall again, curving left with it as it does itself, and you'll reach a path with small pillars on either side, leading up into the rocky mountains.


Eventually you'll pass into a tunnel, that has a small pool of water inside and, past that, an archway to the exterior again that opens up into a place that resembles an ancient, crumbling city.


Ahead, there's a place where you can jump down into a kind of channel, or trench, with a fallen column on the left.


Hop up onto the column and you can climb out, and ahead you'll find Cenobia, the tough-as-nails Cerberus Colossus and the fourteenth colossus you've found so far.


How to defeat the fourteenth colossus Cenobia, the Cerberus Colossus

Cenobia, as we've mentioned already, is tough. It's wearing heavy armour that you can't penetrate with your weapons, and attacks frequently and with heavy damage on each hit - more than its earlier version Celosia.

When the battle begins, immediately hop onto the nearby fallen pillar, which it'll try to attack but should at least keep you safe for the moment.


Then, run along it and climb up onto the next ruinous structure. You'll find that the Cerberus Colossus will continue to headbutt these structures when you climb on top of them, but none crumble down so far - what you need to do is head to a large pillar nearby.


Jump and run across the ruins until you reach the much taller, cylindrical pillar that you can jump onto about a third of the way up, and scale it to its peak.


There, the fourteenth colossus will start to ram it like usual. After one charge it starts to creak, but then Cenobia will stop. You need to provoke it - an arrow to the back will do - and it'll charge a second time, bringing the tower crumbling down.

Hold on, and even though a cutscene triggers you can still control Wander - try to time a jump to the next ledge ahead (you can get back up to it quite easily by climbing on the fallen pillar if you miss it) and you'll be safe again.


That next ruin leads you to another pillar, and you start to see the pattern form. Keep climbing and jumping from one pillar to the next, until you get to the square tower round the other side, with a pillar next to it.


Grapple round the side of that tower and onto the final pillar. When that falls, you'll break the wall down into the area right by the entrance to this forgotten city that you saw when you arrived.


From there you need to platform up to that entrance platform where you began, via some ledges on the far wall.


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When you get up, Cenobia will start considering another charge at you. Hop off to a nearby platform of some kind, and Cenobia will charge that platform - or at least one of the smaller pillars supporting it - and the platform itself will crumble down on top of the Cerberus Colossus, finally removing its armour.


You know what's next: time to find a high spot somewhere, even if it's just a metre off the ground on a fallen pillar, and jump onto its back.


From there, you can deliver a stab before it shakes you off. Rinse and repeat like always - a good time to jump onto its back is immediately after it charges something, as it'll be a little stunned - and eventually it'll fall.

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With the fourteenth colossus down, the Cerberus Cenobia's idol will crumble back at the Shrine of Worship, where you awaken for one of the final times. You're almost there.

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