Taken at face value, Ubisoft's Steep is a game about exploring the mountainside and having fun with friends. Delve a little way into its multiplayer functionality - which lets you ping an invite to anyone in your immediate vicinity with the press of a button - however, and it becomes something else altogether. Which is to say, it becomes a game about saying weird things to strangers while wearing a big parka.

While I'm sure the intention was to create something that sounds both enthusiastic and off the cuff, the voice lines that accompany group invites in Steep somehow manage to sound extraordinarily sinister. To further illustrate the point, I've made the video below.

Apologies to the poor player I chased around the mountain trying to collect all those voice lines, incidentally - eventually they blocked me from sending any more requests, at which point I realised I had become the very thing I was trying to lampoon.

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