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Watch: Ian does some terrible things to virtual snowboarders in Steep

Guest starring Outside Xbox and Outside Xtra.

Most people think of Steep as a snowboarding game, but having had a chance to play it last week at Ubisoft's offices it turns out there's actually a lot more to it. Big sections of the game's massively mountainous environment are dedicated to other extreme sports such as wingsuit flying, parachute gliding and skiing.

All of which are awesome diversions, sure, but for some reason I found more enjoyment in doing stupid and terrible things to my poor little avatar. If you can handle the sight of a big snowy phallus, or the sound of bones colliding with a church bell, press play on the video below.

Actually though, there's a fourth stupid thing you can do which I discovered thanks to the help of Outside Xbox's Mike and Outside Xtra's Ellen and Luke. Check out this next video to see who out of the four of us is the best at causing horrific injuries in "The Steep Spectacular Bail Challenge". You'll be laughing and wincing in equal measures.

So is Steep any good when you're actually playing properly? Well, it seems... OK. The huge map is rather intimidating at first and it's easy to get overwhelmed by the needlessly confusing user interface.

Steep also lacks the arcadey thrills you might have loved in the SSX series, with the game choosing instead to steer slightly closer to realism. Never-the-less, pulling off a series of successful tricks on your snowboard or skimming close to razor sharp rocks in your wingsuit can be suitably thrilling.

There's definitely fun to be had here, especially if you've had an extreme sports shaped hole in your life for a while now, but for people who aren't that bothered about these types of games, Steep might seem a little flat.

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