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Extreme winter sports game Steep is no longer in development for Switch

Fans are pretty piste.

Ubisoft has finally confirmed that its long-missing-in-action Switch port of extreme winter sports game Steep is, as many had speculated, no longer in development.

Steep for Switch was originally announced in January last year, several months before Nintendo's console even launched in the wild - but not even a hint of the game running on Switch has been seen in all that time. Inevitably, there've been persistent rumours of development woes behind the scenes, but Ubisoft has continued to claim that a Switch version was still on the way.

However, responding to a fan request for news on the long-awaited Switch instalment of Steep, a Ubisoft representative has now, via the official Steep Twitter account, revealed that the publisher is currently "wholly dedicated to supporting the live game, and made the decision to stop Steep development on the Nintendo Switch platform to focus on bringing new live content and challenges to Steep players instead."

Predictably, the community's response has been less that positive, although most replies are seemingly more miffed about Ubisoft's decision to quietly reveal the news in an informal social media post, rather than the fact that Steep for Switch is no longer on the way.

Ubisoft, for its part, still continues to support the Switch, despite the demise of Steep on the platform. Charming sci-fi toys-to-life game Starlink: Battle for Atlas is due to arrive in October, and the publisher recently announced that its old-but-still-wonderful Child of Light and Valiant Hearts are coming to Switch later this year.

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