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The Eurogamer Podcast #24 - Time Commanders and the joy of Christmas

Buttery biscuit base building.

Right, me again this week. I've been having a bit of a think about Eurogamer's Weekly Podcast That We Do and how best to propel us to the next level. If I'm being entirely honest with you, I've got aspirations for an Audible sponsorship. All the big podcasts have one. How many listeners do you need for one of those? Actually, how many listeners do we even have?

Anyway! I'm getting sidetracked here. Basically, we need to hit the mainstream. And so, on today's podcast, we begin with a lengthy discussion on the return of Time Commanders, a three-part miniseries on BBC Four that combines Total War's real-time strategy with people that are really excited about history. It's excellent.

Speaking of incredibly niche entertainment, Donlan and I do spend some time talking about the weirder stuff coming out of Ubisoft right now. Whether it's the lonely multiplayer of Steep, or whacking big men with swords in For Honor, that studio is feeling surprisingly experimental right now. And we're big fans.

Also, as it's almost Christmas, we answer some nice questions from you lot. Actually, we do that every week. I don't know why I referenced Christmas there. We just seem to be doing it in most of our articles.

Anyway, we're probably not back until the 10th January now, so have a lovely couple of weeks. You deserve it.

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