Watch Dogs 2 - Looking Glass missions: !Nvite to Mayhem and R&R puzzle solution

Our complete story walkthrough and guide to the many activities in Ubisoft's hackathon.

You can start the following Looking Glass missions when you're done with the Haum Sweet Haum Main Operation.

Trouble at Home

Speak to the crew at HQ then make your way to the !NViTE offices.

!Nvite to Mayhem

Head to the central courtyard, open the air vent on the wall opposite the objective marker, and send the Jumper through and up the stairs. Once it's in the main building send it back downstairs into the central lobby and grab the keycode from the laptop.

Recall the Jumper, head inside, and switch to NetHack to follow the cable from the lift call button to the security panel on the upper floor. Unlock it to activate the elevator, and ride it up to the office.

After the cutscene you need to evade the police; quickly run out through the main doors and try and find shelter under something - ground pursuit takes a while to start so if you can conceal yourself from the chopper quickly enough you can end the chase before it really begins.

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R and R

Return to HQ for a quick bit of story, and you'll find yourself at the Swelter Skelter festival. Talk to the rest of the crew and then head for the large sculpture, activate the drone, and start the hacking challenge.


All the directions are given from the point of view of facing of the statue, and note that the two elbow pieces closest to the statue can't be left powered for long or they will reset the whole puzzle.

  1. Rotate the rear central power piece to activate it.
  2. Rotate the elbow piece connected from the power source on the left to send power towards the statue.
  3. Rotate the elbow piece on the left side near the central power source to send power toward the camera.
  4. Unlock the switch and rotate the timed elbow to deactivate it.
  5. Rotate the right timed elbow to send power towards the camera.
  6. Unlock the switch and disable the timed elbow.
  7. Rotate the elbow piece connected from the power source on the left to send power away from the statue.
  8. Rotate the bottom central elbow to connect the middle and left cables.
  9. Rotate the straight piece to the left of the statues mouth to point down.
  10. Rotate the left timed elbow to send power towards the camera.
  11. Unlock the switch below the statue's mouth and then disable the timed switch.
  12. Rotate the left elbow to send power towards the camera.
  13. Rotate the straight piece so it's vertical.
  14. Rotate the elbow piece to the right of the statue's mouth to direct power away from the camera.
  15. Rotate the timed elbows to send power to the switch behind the statue.
  16. Unlock the switch!

Finish the puzzle and these sets of missions are done. Next up is Limp Nudle, whenever you're ready.

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