Watch Dogs 2 - Limp Nudle missions: Second Wind, Alphabet Soup puzzle solution

Our complete story walkthrough and guide to the many activities in Ubisoft's hackathon.

You can start the following Limp Nudle missions when you're done with the Looking Glass Main Operation.

Second Wind

Once you're on the bus follow the GPS, and you'll make a couple of stops to pick up more passengers until you eventually reach Nudle HQ.

Alphabet Soup

Head into the room next to the restricted area in the main lobby and send the Jumper through the vent into the next room and use it to hack the panel - keeping it out of view of the guards requires some patience, but don't forget to distract them with their phones to give you a few seconds peace.


Once the locks have been bypassed head upstairs and sneak into the upper secured area. Hack the laptop on the desk to get the credentials you need and then exit the building, cross to the Nudle Maps building, enter the lobby and go through the door to the left into the main room.

Either sneak or send the Jumper into the raised restricted area in the corner to find another panel. Hack it to unlock the doors in the other corner, head into the newly opened area, and climb the ladder inside.

When you reach the landing send the Jumper through the vent, cross the corridor, and send it into the restricted area to find another panel in the far right that unlocks the elevator access room. Enter the lift shaft and hack the elevator, climb on top of it when it stops, send it down to the bottom, and make your way down to the floor of the maintenance room to trigger an interactive cutscene.

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As the dialogue plays out, switch from camera to camera to hack the phone on the desk, the Nudle toy by the door, and the speakers next to the TV. When Horatio is on his own switch to the camera in the corner of the room. When he asks which floor you're on interact with the light switch, and then watch the rest of the cutscene.

Open the door and enter the server room. Hack the nearest camera, switch to NetHack, and hack the active server. Keep switching between cameras and hacking until you find your target (it may be random, but for us it was in unit 6). Activate the panel on column 1 nearest the door you entered through to trigger a switch puzzle:

  1. Rotate the straight piece nearest to door 6, the elbow piece it's directly connected to, and the elbow between the two.
  2. Rotate the elbow piece in front of door 4.
  3. Unlock the floor switch in front of door 5.
  4. Unlock the wall switch for door 6.

Open the door and plant the backdoor on the server, then watch another cutscene.

Make your way into the cooling room in the other corner at the end of the room you entered, and follow the waypoints through the drainage system - don't worry about the "losing bypass signal" alert that pops up - and reunite with Horatio outside. With these missions done, move onto Hacker War whenever you're ready.

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