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Crown of the Ivory King - Burnt Ivory King, The Old Chaos, Grand Cathedral

Our complete guide to surviving the final fight with the Burnt Ivory King, and finishing the final episode of Dark Souls 2's epic DLC.

Head down the corridor until you come to the Grand Cathedral bonfire. Light it, then go up either sets of stairs until you come to a door. Open it, and make a mental note of the frozen chest up here. Go straight on along the red floor, then speak to Alsanna. Offer to help her so that all of the frozen items in the region become thawed.

If you've not unlocked all three Knights of Eleum Loyce, we strongly recommend that you do so before entering The Old Chaos and beginning the final boss fight. Head back to the index page for breakdowns of how to locate all three of these helpful allies.

When you're ready, turn around and then open up the now-thawed chest you saw a moment ago. Head back into Alsanna's room and look for the summoning spot on your right. Next, go through the doorway and then into the foggy patch to reach The Old Chaos region.

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The Old Chaos

Get ready to fight a pair of Charred Mages and four Charred Knights immediately after you enter this new area. Stick to taking down one enemy at a time, but focus on the Mages first as their fire-based attacks do a frightening amount of damage.

Keep moving around so you can see all of your opponents at any given time. If your allies are keeping the heat off you, use the opportunity to get into range and fire at the enemies from safety. If you only stick to melee combat, it's very easy to become swarmed.

When these creatures are dead, you'll have to face off against the Burnt Ivory King. Assuming you started the fight with four Knights of Eleum Loyce, you'll now only have one to help you - the others are sealing the doors.

Burnt Ivory King

The good news is that this final boss fight is actually quite simple. He initially attacks with a sword, but if you maintain distance, all you need to worry about is dodging away from his charge. Try to add some diagonal latitude to your dodging though, so you're left in a good position to counter-attack.

After a while he'll add a magical power to his sword. When this happens, make sure you have as much magical defence equipment in play as you can. While these attacks are still quite easy to avoid, they can nevertheless knock a fair chunk of damage off you. If you're fighting at close range, get out of the way when you see the king pause and start to glow - this telegraphs a powerful damaging attack that affects everything around him.

When you're in melee range, circle-strafe around him and wait for him to conclude a two or three-hit combo. When he's done, counter with a couple of your own, but be mindful of your weapon speed when calculating how much damage you can afford to inflict. Some of his attacks are good for knocking more than a third of your health down, so don't be too greedy.

Should the King be hitting your ally instead, move as far away as you can, while still staying within ranged damage distance. This will allow you plenty of time to fire at will, while providing enough time to react if his attention switches back to you.

When he's dead you'll be able to take the Crown of the Ivory King. Grab it, and examine the light that's appeared near where you jumped down. You'll be whisked off to Grand Cathedral, concluding the final DLC for Dark Souls 2.

Head back to the first page for the rest of our Crown of the Ivory King guide.

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