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Urban Warfare, Lost Kingdoms and Wolfenstein extras

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After the tumbleweed-strewn release desert of last week, today comes as something of an oasis for parched gamers in search of something new to whet their appetite. [That analogy's gone far enough - Ed] Heading up the list is Lost Kingdoms, the first role-playing game to arrive on the GameCube. Unfortunately it's something of a disappointment, as you'd already know if you'd read today's review, but those of you with a passion for card-based combat might still find enough entertainment in here to make it worth buying. Meanwhile PlayStation 2 owners can indulge in a little motorbike mayhem in Freekstyle, courtesy of SSX Tricky developers EA Sports BIG. At the other end of the console range is the PlayStation, which today receives its first big new release in living memory (well, near enough anyway) in the form of Delta Force: Urban Warfare. Developed by the brains behind Aliens vs Predator and published by tactical action specialists Novalogic, it takes the Delta Force series indoors and features a range of fairly realistic weaponry and doohickeys for would-be special forces types to monkey around with. We'll have a full review for you tomorrow. Even the beige box isn't getting left out, with Ubi Soft's movie tie-in The Sum Of All Fears hitting shelves today. Doing away with the planning phase entirely, it's apparently Rainbow Six Lite to all intents and purposes, although reviews from the US, where it's been available for some time now, have been fairly positive. It's also a mid-range game, selling for under £20, so it could be the perfect stop-gap while for fans of the genre awaiting the arrival of Raven Shield. Those of you after something a little more cerebral may want to check out the 3D adventure game Syberia. We'd love to tell you more about it, but as Vivendi Universal don't seem to have done any PR for the game on this side of the pond we're as much in the dark as you are. And on the re-release front, Return To Castle Wolfenstein gets a new lease of life in Special Edition form, complete with "making of" video, desktop wallpapers, screenshots, cartoons and demos for other Quake III engined games. New Releases - CubeLost KingdomsGBAManic Miner VIP PCSum Of All Fears Syberia Budget - Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 Gold Budget - Quake III Gold Budget - Return To Castle Wolfenstein: Special EditionPSXDelta Force: Urban WarfarePS2Freekstyle Budget - WWE Smackdown: Just Bring It!Xbox No new releases Related Feature - UK Release Date List

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