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Jester gets Grafting

New games on way from Music Creation developer

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A new global publisher is emerging from the wastelands of northern Wales, if the press release is to be believed anyway. Jester Interactive, the brains behind the award-winning Music Creation series and MTV Music Generator, have announced that they will be publishing their own range of games for the PC, PS2 and GBA. First past the post will be Super Trucks for the PS2 this easter, with the Official Isle Of Man T.T. motorbike racing game following close behind. This year should see the release of a new Music "game" as well, this time for the more discerning PC crowd. Details are scarce at the moment, but apparently it will involve a tie-in with one of the UK's leading clubs and "continue Jester's quest to deliver studio-quality music-creation software within an easy-to-use package". Jester have also acquired rights to Manic Miner, Jet Set Willy and the entire back catalogue of veteran developer Graftgold, the company behind a host of 1980s titles such as Paradroid, Avalon, Dragontorc and Rainbow Islands. A remake of Manic Miner for the GameBoy Advance has already been confirmed, and will feature recreations of all 20 stages from the original ZX Spectrum version with graphics revamped for the new millenium, along with several new stages. "Good gameplay is something that never dates", according to Jester CEO Gavin Morgan. "We are looking forward to reinventing the likes of Manic Miner for today's games players."

Source - press release

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