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Return To Return To Castle Wolfenstein

Special Edition gets July mid-price release in Europe

Having topped charts around the world, last year's hit first person shooter Return To Castle Wolfenstein is getting the Special Edition treatment this summer. The new version will come with a free copy of the original Wolfenstein 3D, the WolfRadiant map editor and all of the new multiplayer maps that have been made available over the internet since the game's original release. Also included are demos for other Quake III engined games and a "making of video", along with desktop wallpapers, screenshots and cartoons. Best of all though is the new price - just £19.99. "Return to Castle Wolfenstein has been one of the most widely played and critically acclaimed games of 2001, including a ninety-percent or higher rating by over 35 different publications and multiple Special Edition awards", Todd Hollenshead of producers id Software boasted. "By incorporating all of the new maps, updates, editing tools and bonus material, we've created the ultimate Return to Castle Wolfenstein package." Look for the Special Edition pack hitting shelves in July. Related Feature - Return To Castle Wolfenstein review

Source - press release