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DTS as standard for PS2 games

Electronic Arts is the first publisher to do it

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Although you may realise that Sony's PlayStation 2 can output glorious Dolby Digital surround sound, you may not be aware that Electronic Arts is now offering DTS compatible videogames, the first of which are NHL 2002 and SSX Tricky. The former features full 5.1 channel DTS surround sound, while Tricky had 4.0 channel DTS. As IGN put it, "With the DTS sound, gamers were given a level of high fidelity sound that isn't common in most videogames and true separation with the surround speakers at a quality that you simply can't get with matrixed surround sound techniques like Dolby Pro Logic." EA has now made the decision to stick with DTS for its forthcoming PS2 releases. It makes it all the more worthwhile if you have a killer hi-fi in your living room.

Source - IGN

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