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Nintendo Sales Update

The latest in the increasingly boring sales battle blah blah make some games, slackers

Although the public actually really honestly for the love of God doesn't care who is selling the most consoles for the most part, both Nintendo and Microsoft persist in publishing figures and subsequently rubbishing the other's. The latest "facts" from Nintendo's side are, in no particular order... Total North American shipments of Nintendo have now reached 1.1 million, about 800,000 of those sold. Nintendo is shipping 100,000 consoles a week to replenish supplies, and has increased production to meet demand. While on the software front, Super Smash Brothers Melee has sold a quarter of a million copies, making it the fastest selling game for any new console launched this year. Which is only so interesting when you think about it. Ah, here's one for people who can't stand all this pro-Nintendo propaganda. Nintendo's US sales of its various consoles nearly equalled the combined sales of all systems from all other manufacturers. Yes, I was rubbing it in for amusement's sake, if you believed any of it in the first place... Related Feature - Everyone's A Winner