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Less Payne, More Pain

PS2 owners have to wait longer for Max's exploits

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ConsoleWire is reporting amongst others that the PlayStation 2 version of Remedy's Max Payne is due to ship to US retailers today, with the Xbox version following it later this week. We've been eager to get our hands on the much-vaunted PS2 conversion for several months now. The game was originally advertised for release in November, but has continually slipped. We contacted Take 2's UK PR Manager Nick Boulstridge about the UK release and he had some bad news for us: there is no firm release date yet. As far as the US versions go, Nick was mystified by the reports of games shipping this week. "As far as I'm concerned, [Max Payne on the PlayStation 2] is shipping in the US next weekend," he told us. As for the Xbox version, that's still up in the air, and Take 2 hasn't even confirmed a UK conversion yet. Related Feature - Max Payne review

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