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Project Entropia goes for broke

$100,000 worth of goodies to discover in next phase of MMRPG beta test

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One of the more imaginative massively multiplayer games currently in development is Project Entropia, which sports a unique economic system allowing you to convert real world currency into in-game cash and (more importantly) vice versa. With the first two phases of the beta test now complete, the next phase will allow 5000 players from around the world to play havoc with this economy as special items worth one million Project Entropia Dollars (equivalent to about US$100,000 in "real" money) are added into the game. "Participants [will be able] to make real money, possibly even millions of dollars, which makes it absolutely essential that we test the economic system and security measures rigorously", Patric Sundstrom pronounced. "In order to do so, we will ask users to put small amounts of money into the system and offer them the possibility of taking out much more. We're very pleased with the progress of our tests so far, and extremely excited that we will soon begin trials with this vital element." The world's first massively multiplayer pyramid marketing scheme, or a breakthrough in interactive entertainment? We'll have to wait and see, but if you fancy being on the frontline you can apply to take part in the third phase of the beta test here. Related Feature - Project Entropia interview

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