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Army Men invade GBA

Little green plastic soldiers get second outing on hand-held

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3DO Europe has announced that a second Army Men title for the GameBoy Advance is underway. Due for release in February, Operation Green once again sees you beating the stuffing out of the Tan Army in an attempt to destroy yet another secret weapon as they fight for "global-plastic domination". The game will feature fifteen levels spread across five "real war environments", including weather effects and interactive bits to monkey around with. The whole thing is populated by the obligatory tan soldiers, but apparently they have had an IQ boost since the last outing, with new improved artificial intelligence on the cards. It's no great secret that we're not the world's biggest Army Men fans, but their debut GBA effort (imaginatively titled Army Men Advance) was surprisingly good, if a little on the short side. 3DO are hoping to build on that with Operation Green, with a four player link option being added into the mix to give the game some much needed longevity. Whether it turns out to be as entertaining as the last one or just another plastic meltdown for the abortive series remains to be seen, but we have our fingers crossed. Related Feature - Army Men Advance review

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