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EuroGamer technology to power Barrysworld

Cutting-edge new doohickeys for everyone's favourite online gaming service

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Europe's top computer games retailer Electronics Boutique announced today that EuroGamer will be providing a slew of new online gaming systems for Barrysworld, the popular UK-based service provider which EB bought out earlier in the year. The technology allows players to launch both peer-to-peer and client-server games directly from the Barrysworld website, as well as including an online matchmaking lobby and systems to ensure that players have the correct game version and aren't using any cheats. EB Media's internet director David Evans told the press that "the EuroGamer technology plays an incremental role in making BarrysWorld more user friendly and approachable than ever before", allowing the company "to broaden the appeal of online gaming to a much wider audience than the existing community of gamers currently using BarrysWorld". Meanwhile our very own Rupert Loman was said to be "delighted" at the deal, adding that "this shows our ongoing commitment to making online gaming more accessible and fun for all". The new Barrysworld service will be going into an open beta test within the next few weeks. Related Feature - BarrysWorld saved from extinction

Source - press release

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