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US GameCube package details

Nothing too major

IGN have gotten hold of a US GameCube package and a couple of launch titles - Luigi's Mansion and Wave Race: Blue Storm. According to the American website, the console packaging hasn't changed much from its original Japanese outfit, except the handle is missing from the top of the box, and there are lots of screenshots and peripheral images on the back and side. Inside the package, the console now comes with A/V cables as standard, as well as one controller and the power adapter. The interesting change is to the software packaging. We have grown quite fond of the GameCube software packages, but it doesn't surprise us to hear that Nintendo have upped the size to about that of a DVD case, which is of course what Sony and Microsoft will be using. Inside the box are slots for the optical discs and one memory card. The cases are apparently pretty basic, which we guess means they lack the little cardboard sleeves that make the Japanese cases ever so slightly more fragile. The biggest change though comes to Luigi's Mansion, which now features footage of Pikmin hidden in the options menu. Two minutes of it, although sadly nothing playable. You can read more about it at IGN's GameCube website. Related Feature - Hip to be Cube!

Source - IGN