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The one that got away

Sony comments on release date of elusive street racer

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Sony has popped its head up to condemn over its 'The Getaway' release date speculation. The London web journal claimed The Getaway was on course for an Autumn 2002 release, but Sony says otherwise. As far as anyone knows, it's still pencilled in for May. Sony is trying its hardest to avoid yet more Getaway scandal. Last year developers of the game were caught out trying to pass impressive renders off as screenshots. The London-based crime caper still looks stunning, but word is it's over-budget, over-staffed and way behind schedule. Landmarks are apparently a moot point, but Sony aims to keep throwing money at it until the fire goes out. With Bizarre Creations' Xbox extravaganza Project Gotham Racing looking like the better game by a mile, Sony may wish to forget The Getaway even exists.

Source - C&VG

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