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Counter-Strike struck out

CPL makes some .. bizarre changes to Counter-Strike

The gaming industry has been struggling to sanitize itself in the aftermath of the September 11th terrorist attacks on America, with some games being delayed (Rogue Spear : Black Thorn, Advance Wars), some games having twin towers removed from them (Flight Simulator, Spiderman) and others being temporarily withdrawn from sale (Red Alert 2, thanks to some unfortunate cover art). But amidst all of this over-reacting, possibly the most ridiculous and downright hilarious move has come from pro-gaming organisation the CPL, which is running a Counter-Strike world championship in Dallas later this year. According to forum posts made by founder Angel Munoz, the CPL will be removing all references to the word "terrorist" from the popular counter-terrorist Half-Life mod. References to terrorists and counter-terrorists will now be replaced by the names of the clans taking part in the competition and the phrases offensive and defensive teams. The terrorists .. sorry .. offensive team (or is that defensive?) will now be trying to activate a communications device instead of planting a bomb, with the .. um .. other side trying to stop them. Meanwhile sound effects of explosions have been stripped from the game to reflect this change in goals. Reports that players will now be armed with screwdrivers and oscilloscopes instead of shotguns and rifles have yet to be confirmed. One thing is certain though - it's a strange, strange world...

Source - ShackES