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Autumn TGS: Nintendo

Where were they?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Typically one would expect Nintendo to do a bit of pitching at the Autumn TGS, but alas this year they were nowhere to be seen. Sega had Phantasy Star Online running for GameCube, but little was really seen of it (and there were more interesting things to do and see), and Sonic (this time aimed at a younger market) was running on GameBoy Advance as well as GameCube. Apart from that, Namco had Tekken running on GameBoy Advance, but interest in that was muted, perhaps due to its framerate issues. Dead or Alive 3 was running on Xbox hardware in the not-too-distant haze of the show floor, so punters could be forgiven for passing it by. We hope to hear more from Nintendo in the run up to the GameCube's American release next month, but the Japanese will be disappointed that nothing was made of the Autumn Tokyo Game Show.

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