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Win a day with Colin McRae

Codemasters offer you a not-so quiet drive in the country with the rally champion

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To celebrate the imminent budget re-release of Colin McRae 2.0, Codemasters are launching a competition in which buyers of the game could win a day with Colin McRae at the Ford World Rally Team Headquarters in Cumbria. Six lucky punters from the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy and Benelux will be taken for a quick spin in a Ford Focus rally car by Colin McRae himself. As Ford's European race director Martin Whitaker comments, "the only way to really experience his car control is to witness it at first hand", and it's sure to be an experience to remember. Look for the Best Sellers edition of Colin McRae 2.0 appearing on shelves across Europe from Friday 12th October. Related Feature - Colin McRae 2.0 review

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