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Hitman returns

Eidos confirms Hitman sequel due in Spring

Eidos have officially announced Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin, a sequel to last year's novel action game in which you played a bald contract killer working for "The Agency". This time round the follicularly challenged "cleaner" will be starting out at a Sicilian monastery, but as chanting hymns and playing with rosaries wouldn't make for a particularly entertaining game, his peaceful existence doesn't last long. Before you can say "hail Mary" he's back in business and fighting for his life with a former Spetsnaz agent on his tail. Weapons range from sniper rifles and explosives to knives and poison darts, as well as a new selection of non-lethal gear such as stun guns and chloroform to take down guards without harming a hair on their heads. Indeed, the developers claim that you will be able to play through missions without killing anyone except the primary target, or if you prefer a more gung ho attitude you can charge in and massacre everyone who gets in your way. With the game due on shelves in the spring, we should know more soon. In the meantime, enjoy the first ever screenshots of the sequel in action! Related Feature - Hitman 2 screenshots

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