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Dragon's Lair on way to big screen

Work continues on movie adaptation of classic video game

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Dragon's Lair looks set to be the latest video game to be turned into a movie. Originally released in 1983, Dragon's Lair is probably best remembered for its impressive cartoon-like graphics and amusing characters rather than the bland gameplay, which effectively launched the god-forsaken interactive movie genre. But with a 3D sequel in the works and a GameBoy port recently released, Don Bluth is now working on turning his game into a cartoon movie. Bluth is no stranger to the movie industry, having directed animated movies ranging from Titan AE to An American Tail, and his team are currently finishing up pre-production work on the Dragon's Lair film. According to a report on Animated Movies, the script is now complete and storyboarding is underway. "It will be done in a style very similar to the original game", and actors are currently being sought to voice the animated characters. A spokesman is reported as saying that "we do have interest from two of the distribution companies that know how to distribute animation". Presumably neither of those is 20th Century Fox, given the Titan AE fiasco... Related Feature - Disaster Movies

Source - Animated Movies

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