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Who Wants Chris Tarrant?

PlayStation 2 version of quiz show spin-off to feature virtual rendition of Chris. Oh joy.

Eidos have unveiled the PlayStation 2 version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire : 2nd Edition, which is set to feature a lip-synching digital rendition of Chris Tarrant. Sporting no less than 20,000 polygons and looking slightly more wrinkled and plastic than we remember him being in real life, there's something not quite right about the model, and the result is rather .. well, scary. PlayStation 2 owners can also look forward to the dubious pleasure of hearing Tarrant's voice emerging from their speaker system, asking them a range of over one thousand questions and gently prodding them as to whether that's "your final answer". Helpfully the game will now remember which questions it has already asked you and avoid asking them again until every available question has been used up, which should make the whole thing somewhat less repetitive than it was last time round. All the usual lifelines and multiplayer modes are also included, with a range of pre-recorded voices saying "ooh, I don't know" when you call a friend and ask them what the capital of Mongolia is, and of course the option to go 50-50 by having the computer remove one wrong answer and one right answer. Probably. The game even shows your own name on the cheque at the end of the game, although sadly you still can't cash it. Maybe next time?

The more graphically primitive PC and PlayStation versions of the game are available today, going head to head with Activision's Weakest Link game. The PlayStation 2 will get its blank cheque in November. Lucky people.

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