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Microsoft deny HomeStation

Could have been a competitor trying to sour the Xbox launch, but more details shroud the denial in obscurity

Microsoft have strongly denied rumours printed in this month's PC Format about the alleged successor to Xbox, known as HomeStation. The console-cum-set-top box is not in development, a spokesman said, and there are no plans for Xbox games ever to work on set-top boxes according to Microsoft of Japan. Famously poor communication within Microsoft may be to blame for the fact that the rumours spread as far as they did, Computer Trade Weekly reports. Either way, the company claims a competitor may be to blame for their propagation. All that said, our chums at The Register are on a completely different tack, quoting "a source familiar with the machine's development" in bringing us news of the console's apparent hardware make up. "Microsoft's Xbox successor, tentatively dubbed the HomeStation, will indeed be based on Nvidia' nForce chipset and Intel's Pentium 4 processor," they claim. You can read more here. Related Feature - Son of X

Source - CTW and The Register