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ECTS Diary updates

Five step recovery plan for journalists and PR bods with hang-overs?

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Having got home safely from the wilds of East London in (more or less) one piece, our ECTS Diary feature has been updated with reports on what I got up to on the Monday and Tuesday of the show. This included a one-on-one session with Blizzard, the Anarchy Online party, and a look at Funcom's next massively multiplayer game, Midgard, as well as visits to CDV, Jo Wood, Wanadoo and Phantagram amongst others. Not to mention disco dancing in Omni 1, racing through the streets of a futuristic New York, battling snipers in war-torn 1960s Europe, drink driving in Africa and stomping around in Transformers-style giant robots. And people said ECTS was boring this year. Shame on them.

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