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ADSL install costs halved

For three months only!

BT Wholesale will half the cost of ADSL installation for three months from October, and as a result ISPs up and down the land are scrambling to announce offers based on the decision. The reduction means the cost per new user will fall from £150 to £75 for BT's IPStream 500 service. The move is designed to boost demand for the service, The Register reports. El Reg also confirms that Nildram, PlusNet, Zen and Eclipse have moved to announce reductions from October to the New Year. While PlusNet and Zen have dropped the cost to £75, Eclipse and Nildram have taken things one step further. Eclipse will now charge £25 for install, with the money donated to a charity fund. Nildram on the other hand, who recently announced MoveDSL, a service which reduced the cost of moving from another ISP to Nildram to £60, have agreed that all customer installations of the three month period will be reduced to zero. That's whether you're coming from a competitor or starting afresh, we can confirm. MoveDSL is apparently a separate service to the standard USB 500 option. If you order between October 1st and December 31st of this year, your installation fee will be quashed. Meanwhile, East Yorkshire ISP Kingston Telecommunications has angered users of its always-on ADSL service by introducing a data cap. Users will be limited to a daily download quota of 700Mb, the company says.

Source - The Register