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ArenaTek buys Wireplay assets

But what are they going to do with them?

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Arena Technik Limited, a company that sprang from the ashes of Gameplay Plc. headed by Bruce Heck (former CTO) and Tim Gummer (former head of GP Studios), has purchased the assets and intellectual property relating to Gameplay's Wireplay multiplayer gaming network. This cost Arena Technik £132,500, split between an initial cash sum of £65,000 and a deferred consideration of £67,500 payable over the next three years. Wireplay's staff will not be following the assets and intellectual property however, as they have headed off to BlueYonder to help front its value-added gaming services which launch at the end of September. Arena Technik's website, which launched last week, had to be ripped to shreds within days after its authors, Heck and Gummer, made the unfortunate mistake of placing their mobile telephone numbers prominently on the front page and in a flash presentation. Apparently this attracted quite a lot of attention from former Gameplay fans and employees, with whom the pair weren't all that popular.

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