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Golden morning for Jo Wood

Zax and World War III have gone gold

JoWood's UK office this morning confirmed that their latest two games have gone gold. Isometric action-adventure game Zax : The Alien Hunter was first past the post, and the game is now due for release on September 14th in the UK. In it you play the role of the eponymous adventurer, stranded on a planet which is about to be destroyed by a supernova, and caught in the middle of a conflict between the native people and an angry god.

Meanwhile real-time strategy game World War III : Black Gold has also gone gold. The latest game to emerge from Earth 2150 developers Reality Pump Studios, World War III features thirty missions to carry out in a near-future world where oil shortages are causing conflict between the USA, Russia and Arabs. As it is based on the latest evolution of the engine that powered Earth 2150 and The Moon Project, the game also boasts some quite impressive 3D graphics, weather effects and full day-and-night cycles. The game should appears on shelves across the UK on Friday 12th October.

While we wait for review code and you wait for the game to arrive in stores, why not check out the latest screenshots of Zax and World War III, hot off the presses from JoWood this morning.