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Doom advances

GameBoy Advance version of classic game confirmed

Activision have officially announced their GameBoy Advance version of Doom, currently being developed by David A Palmer productions, the same people who brought id Software's Commander Keen to the GameBoy Color. The game will feature 24 maps (the original three Doom episodes) and a full selection of eight weapons. Perhaps most importantly though, the game will also include extensive multiplayer support via the GameBoy Advance's Game Link cable. This will not only allow four player deathmatch, with eight dedicated deathmatch maps as well as the single player ones available to battle it out on, but also give two players the chance to fight alongside each other in co-operative mode.

"DOOM redefined gaming on the PC and now it's back to change the way we think about mobile games", id's Todd Hollenshead enthused. "DOOM fans rejoice - if you thought it was nightmarish the first time, imagine having the Imps and 'Pinkies' in your pocket all the time."

The mind boggles.

Source - PR Newswire

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