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Comanche flies again

Fourth title in helicopter sim series unveiled by Novalogic

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Although Novalogic have been branching out recently with titles like the gothic actioneer Necrocide, they are probably still best known for their various flight simulators and the Delta Force games. So it's perhaps no surprise that today they have returned to their roots and unveiled a brand new helicopter combat sim called Comanche 4.

Following on from the first three games in the series (which have apparently sold two million copies worldwide between them), the game will include heavily upgraded graphics as well as a new 3D virtual cockpit, 32 player online action through the NovaWorld service, and a range of settings including everything from deserts and jungles to urban warzones. If you're expecting a hardcore simulation though, you may be disappointed. "This will be a very fun, fast-paced game which is easy to fly, so that players can focus on enemy air and ground attacks", according to producer Wes Eckhart. We should know more soon, but in the meantime why not check out the first screenshots of the game in action?

Source - press release

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