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THQ goes Cube crazy

Set to publish "up to 15 titles" for GameCube

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THQ has made a pretty penny recently from milking the GameBoy and N64, while other companies lost a fortune on the bungled PlayStation 2 launch. So it comes as no great surprise to learn that the publisher behind Red Faction, Summoner and any game you can think of with the letters WWF in the title will be supporting Nintendo's brand new GameCube, with as many as fifteen games coming to the system next year. Many of these will be kids games based on popular franchises like the Rugrats, Rocket Power, Jimmy Neutron, SpongeBob Squarepants (don't ask) and Scooby Doo, but there are also a few more serious titles in amongst the gaggle of cartoon conversions.

For starters WWF Wrestlemania is sure to prove a hit with fans of the "sport", with THQ promising "even more electrifying experiences" as a pair of sweaty men in silly looking lycra costumes pretend to bounce each other around a ring, while The Rock sits nearby cocking his mighty eyebrows at anyone who cares to look. Meanwhile sports of a more extreme and .. well .. sporting nature will be served by a new motocross game titled MX 2003, which is due in spring 2002 (naturally). For the more sedate gamer, there will also be a GameCube version of Tetris Worlds early next year, updating one of the most popular and mind-numbingly addictive games of all time for a new generation. A full list of the eight GameCube titles named so far can be found in the press release.

Source - press release

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