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Datel replay GBA

Launch new peripheral backed by Sakura, a “girl gamer with attitude” and her GBA/C magazine

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Cheating scoundrels Datel have announced their latest gaming enhancement device, the Action Replay GBX. The AR plugs straight into the back of your GameBoy Advance along with your selected game and allows you to enter codes that enable cheats, hacks and easter eggs. The codes, a large number of which will ship with the AR itself, will be available "as they are discovered" on the Code Junkies website and hotline, and also in Datel's new GameBoy Advance magazine, GBX. Datel have also taken the opportunity to unveil Sakura, their new gaming mascot, supposedly a sassy girl gamer with attitude. Hrm. Sakura will also appear in the new magazine, and you can get an idea of what she looks like by the image up on my left shoulder. The magazine will be available on the 14th of June over here and on the 18th in Germany. The Action Replay cartridge will launch some time in July. Related Feature - Cheat!

Source - press release

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