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Sierra drops Warrior Kings

Microids pick up publishing rights to promising 3D fantasy strategy game

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Sierra only announced Warrior Kings for the first time at last September's ECTS, and even then they wouldn't let us write about it until less than six months ago. But already it appears that they have dropped the fantasy strategy game, with a press release arriving from fellow French-owned publisher Microids today announcing that they will now be distributing Warrior Kings worldwide.

The reason behind this change of heart by Sierra remains unclear, as the game was already looking promising at ECTS with its mixture of Age of Empires style strategy, epic medieval sieges and modestly impressive 3D graphics. There haven't been any major delays in the game's production at London based developer Black Cactus either, with Microids saying the game is currently on track for a late November release. Which makes the whole thing rather puzzling to be honest, but if we hear anything more we'll be sure to let you know...

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