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Startopia almost done

Demo available, release candidate sent to Eidos

Eagerly anticipated sci-fi strategy game Startopia is apparently nearing completion at BritSoft developer Mucky Foot, with a demo version of the game being released today. Weighing in at around 85Mb, the demo includes five tutorial missions to get you started and "the Groulien Workers Party" mission, in which you must build a space station capable of supporting a group of asteroid miners. You can find the demo at any of the following sites -

download from Eidos UK

download from GameSpot UK

download from GameSpot USA

In related news, Gary Carr of Mucky Foot gave us the good news this afternoon that "we have just supplied Eidos with a release candidate", meaning that (assuming Eidos can't find anything wrong with it) the game is now very close to going gold, and should be on shelves in the UK some time next month. Look for a full interview with the Mucky Feet next week.