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NVIDIA's wallet fill rate rises

Profits and revenues way way up

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NVIDIA last night announced its latest results for the three months to April 29th, with profits up 41% to $26m as sales rose by a massive 62% to around $240m. And all this at a time when rival manufacturers are seeing sales drop as the computer industry slows down. These rather spectacular results are perhaps no surprise though, as NVIDIA had virtually no opposition in the performance graphics stakes following the collapse of 3dfx last year, meaning that the vast majority of 3D graphics cards which were sold during this period featured one or other of their chips. Their market share is apparently now up to a staggering 83%.

NVIDIA has recently expanded into new markets as well, with its latest GeForce 3 technology appearing on the Mac, while the GeForce 2 Go takes on sole surviving rivals ATI in the laptop market. And the two companies will be clashing again later in the year, when the NVIDIA powered Xbox and ATI powered GameCube go head to head in America over the Christmas holidays. Which company will eventually come out on top remains to be seen, but NVIDIA are certainly in a strong position.

Source - Reuters

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