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Heroes return in time for Christmas

New Heroes of Might & Magic game confirmed for Christmas

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Publisher 3DO have confirmed that New World Computing are giving the venerable Heroes of Might & Magic franchise a much-needed face-lift, with the fourth game in the long-running fantasy strategy series now due for release this Christmas. For the first time in living memory, the game will actually sport an entirely new graphics engine rather than simply milking the increasingly decrepit looking old one. Out goes the old false-perspective terrain and dodgy animations, in comes a lush new realistic looking isometric viewpoint, with higher resolution graphics and more detailed and colourful scenery and characters thrown in for good measure.

Heroes of Might & Magic III was a highly enjoyable game, but after a string of add-ons, bundles and the rather slip-shod mid-price Heroes Chronicles games the series was starting to look a bit tired. We're happy to say that it looks like a lot more effort is going into Heroes IV, and we are looking forward to bringing you more information and screenshots from the game later this summer.

Source - press release

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