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Sony charge $75 to mend PlayStation 2

Sounds like a fix to us

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Sony has asked owners of its PlayStation 2 to send the company their consoles for refurbishment if they're experiencing problems, at a cost of $75 USD. The request, which appears to have been echoed under similar circumstances in Japan, has apparently been made due to a number of cases of malfunctioning DVD-Rom lenses within the console, a problem Sony attributes to harmful cleaning solutions and dust buildup. $75 sounded a little harsh to us, but we rang up Sony here in the UK eager to give them the benefit of the doubt, and asked whether they knew of any problems. The chap we spoke to didn't seem to know what we were talking about, but interestingly, when we rang back later posing as a PS2 owner the customer services fellow sounded very matter of fact in his dealing with us, almost as if [sniff! - Ed] something fishy was going on. It's probably nothing, but our little black box still works and makes an attractive bookend, so we're not complaining. Related Feature - The Second Coming

Source - Planet PS2

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