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Tribes 2 patched again

This time they were ruthless

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Not content with merely fixing bugs, Dynamix, the creators of our game-of-the-other-week Tribes 2, have taken a hammer and chisel to the rulebook and changed everything from the amount of points per flag capture to the number of grenade available in the default loadout. First and foremost, version 22649, which you can download through Tribes 2's auto updater, introduces a new scoring system in CTF. From now on, the team receives 100 points for a flag capture and one point for touching the enemy flag on its stand. Seems stupid? Well yes, it does. Thankfully Dynamix thought ahead of themselves and touching the flag anywhere else on the battlefield does not result in a point. According to them, "this change will help prevent tie situations and will reward aggressive offensive play." These single points for touching the flag can be had at a rate of one every twenty seconds if you're particularly keen on using up some jetpack fuel. The notion of remote bases with multiple deployed inventory stations is gone too. You have to space them 20 metres apart, making the repair chap's job even more hellish. A number of other gameplay "fixes" have been implemented too, including level-specific ones. You can read about those at Euro TribesPlayers. Of course, one had hoped that Tribes 2 would be sorted out during its extensive worldwide beta test. Stuff like this should not be the subject of scrutiny several weeks after release. Why should players have to download tens of patches just to play? It's still a great game, but flipping heck, chaps... Related Feature - Tribes 2 Review

Source - Euro TribesPlayers

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