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Black Sea Tzars

Bulgaria spawns another game development studio

is the latest developer to pop up in Eastern Europe, this time putting Bulgaria on the gaming map. Founded by the lead designer of last year's real-time strategy game Tzar : Burden of the Crown, the company is already working on no less than three titles and is aiming to "become a center of gaming industry in whole East and South Europe, attracting young talents and experienced professionals from all over the world".

We think they are also aiming to hire a translator, but in the meantime the company is "targeting on players' audience 'everyone' by creating high playable, original and most of all fun computer games". Amusing abuses of the English language aside, Black Sea are planning to release the first details of their initial line-up soon after the ubiquitous E3 trade show and are hoping to develop for the whole range of platforms, from PC and Xbox to PlayStation 2. We'll bring you more information as soon as we find out what they have in store for us...

Source - press release