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The Duke Rocks (apparently)

WWF "star" to play the role of Duke Nukem in upcoming film?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Although there's been no official announcement as yet, movie rumour sites are today reporting that the studio behind the forthcoming Duke Nukem film has offered the leading role to none other than The Rock. With Larry Kasanoff (currently wanted by the UN War Crimes Tribunal for his involvement in the terrible Mortal Kombat movies) currently helming the project, and the original press release announcing the film including more inaccuracies and downright lies than an entire season of the Jerry Springer Show, we were already rather sceptical about this endeavour. If the WWF star with the hyperactive eyebrows really is under consideration for the title role, we can now be considered truly terrified at the possibility of this movie ever reaching the big screen.

Source - Coming Attractions / Dark Horizons

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