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Maximum Charisma Studios need beta testers

25,000 beta testers, to be exact, to try out "Fighting Legends"

Maximum Charisma Studios' online combat title "Fighting Legends" is currently in Alpha and due to launch in November. The company is now asking for some 25,000 beta testers to come forward to thoroughly smite the program with their filthy computers in order to iron out any bugs before its release. Fighting Legends will be incomplete on launch, and added to with each passing month by developers Maximum Charisma. Speaking in a press release, Pres/CEO Sean Kennedy said that "$9.95 a month, you should get $9.95 a month of new game play - not bug fixes". Tell that to Electronic Arts. Fighting Legends will take the form of a role-playing strategy title (yes, a new one on us, too), with action elements. It's modelled in an anime style with 81 potential characters to choose from. Unlike rival massively multiplayer games, you actually pick a squad of 16 players to battle with (there's the strategy element) and must pick and trade characters as the game progresses. Maximum Charisma Studios say community will be a strong focus. Quests will be available to those not taken with simply fighting, ranging from those that can be handled by a lone player and those that require great alliances. Events set up by the developers will also keep people happy, with rewards such as relics, in-game monuments, cash prizes and more. Interested gamers may skip straight to the sign-up page.

Source - press release

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