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"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Arena rockets to 1.5

The most popular Quake 3 modification there is gets another helping of maps and features

Although trailing woefully in GameSpy's own appraisal of world gaming through its networks, Quake 3 does enjoy a healthy complement of Rocket Arena 3 netizens. With the release of the mod's version 1.5, players are given the opportunity to gorge themselves on five brand new maps. The release also fixes a number of bugs that have revealed themselves in the interim period since the release of 1.4. In an effort to curb cheating, the server now logs player's unique IP addresses and information, and features more administration features. RA3 has always been a democracy, and players can now use the "Callvote" command to change maps, too. Rocket Arena 3 was always going to be popular, but the additions of full MP3 playback support, an integrated IRC chat client and more mean that it offers gamers the chance to do everything they would normally want to do whilst playing a multiplayer game online. We've had no luck downloading the files from the official locations at FilePlanet, but BarrysWorld have provided a very fast set of mirrors on their UK-based FTP. As requested, you may visit their news page for the links. You can visit the official Rocket Arena 3 page to view the list of updates here.