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Blood Omen comes to PS2

And not 24 hours after Soul Reaver II was announced

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Obviously in an attempt to scrounge yet more coverage from us, our friends at Eidos have let us know about Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen II, another title in the Kain series, which is due out on PlayStation 2 towards the end of the year. The player will be part of a story line that continues and expands the myths of Kain, the Soul Reaver and the Vampires of Nosgoth. "After being defeated in single combat by the Seraphan Lord and losing the Soul Reaver, Kain slips into a deep sleep to rejuvenate. Finally awakening 200 years later in the capitol city of Nosgoth, Meridian, Kain finds his world dominated by the old Seraphan Order, a group of vampire hunters he defeated long ago. Traveling through the city using stealth, smarts, and reflexes Kain continues his struggle for the Soul Reaver and dominance over Nosgoth." You can take a look at the initial batch of screenshots here. The eventual release will feature immense levels made up of medieval steam-age urban architecture apparently, with dynamic lighting and particle effects to stretch the Emotion Engine, over 100 characters and enemies, a fluid combat system that matches Hong Kong action flicks and new magic and "Dark Gift" abilities. Related Feature - Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen II Screenshots

Source - press release

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