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New arrivals and delayed departures

Latest UK release information from GAME Studios

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The latest release schedule just arrived from GAME Studios (the publisher formerly known as The Learning Company, SSI, Microprose, Red Orb...), with several changes in evidence, including a surprising leap forward for The Moon Project, the semi-sequel to last year's hit real-time strategy game Earth 2150. Previously expected some time in April, it will now be released in March instead, despite the recent financial collapse of the game's original German publisher Topware.

Other games have not been so lucky. The gorgeous looking adventure game sequel Myst III : Exile has been pushed back to May from its planned Friday 13th April release (unlucky for some apparently), while role-playing game Pool of Radiance : Ruins of Myth Drannor is delayed from May to June and fantasy strategy game Warlords IV is now expected in November. Flanker Attack has changed its name to "Lock On", and been pushed back another month to August. Finally Real Myst, the real-time 3D version of the original multi-million selling point-and-click adventure game, has popped up on our radars, due out in September if everything goes to plan.

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