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Blueyonder hardware goes walkabouts

Servers stolen from south-eastern headquarters in Basildon

Telewest's cable modem service blueyonder has been in chaos this weekend, following a break-in at the company's south-eastern headquarters in Basildon early on Friday morning. According to a spokesman for the company, "23 servers were stolen and other important equipment was vandalised. This equipment ran our high speed Internet [service] and the interactive element of our digital television service in the south-east region."

Needless to say the sudden disappearance of so much hardware has caused something of a crisis, with the company now "working through the weekend and bringing in equipment from other areas to restore service as soon as possible". Still, it's likely to be some time on Monday before the service starts to get back to normal again. You also have to wonder how the thieves managed to get away with so many servers without anybody noticing - it doesn't say much for the company's security...

Source - ISP Review