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Wanadoo French Telecom Group signs deal with Kalisto to publish three games

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Wanadoo are probably best known as a service provider and e-commerce company in their native France, but now they are seeking to branch out into computer games publishing, with a total of nine titles due for release during this year. As part of the move they recently announced a deal with Kalisto Entertainment, whose Bordeaux and Paris studios will be developing three games for them over the next year.

First up is "New York Race 2215", which is "inspired by the taxi pursuit sequence in [the] hit Luc Besson movie The Fifth Element" and will feature fast-paced air-borne motor racing with the ability to travel in all three dimensions. This is expected to released in the autumn on PC, PlayStation 2 and GameBoy Color. The second game is also a motor racing title for the PC, this time of the off-road variety, with a range of jeeps, monster trucks and buggies to race. Finally there is a game due for release next year on PlayStation 2 which is "set around the celebration and festivities of Halloween, from a Wanadoo Edition's original concept".

"This partnership between Wanadoo France Telecom Group and Kalisto Entertainment represents a fantastic alliance", Wanadoo Managing Director Emmanuel Olivier gushed. "By combining Kalisto's renowned technological know-how and our specific expertise of the general public market which marks our positioning, we will be able to entertain mass market gamers with top quality multi-platform games."

Source - press release

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