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Version 1.1 of Day of Defeat for Half-Life hits the Net

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Although ridiculed by many for its soft looks and buggy gameplay, Day of Defeat has already earned a place in the heart of gamers sick of slow-paced sneak-em-up drudgery and twitch-kill action titles. DoD encompasses many different styles of play, and the turnover is fast and relentless. You take on the guise of either an Allied or Axis grunt, be it Light, Medium or Heavy infantry or a Sniper, and depending on the map you may have to capture and hold positions in a scarred townscape, execute a successful beach-landing under a volley of heavy weapons' fire and Snipers' bullets, and more. The new version, 1.1, fixes a multitude of bugs and improves various maps and models within the game. The visuals are now on a par with Counter-Strike at times, although the weapon models still look like they could do with some work, but the netcode is now far more reliable, and annoying niggles like the lack of a team-kill penalty have been dealt with. The team is said to be working on version 1.1 for Linux as we speak. You can already download version 1.1 for Windows from plenty of different locations. We found the server listed first quickest on our DSL line here in the United Kingdom. Your mileage may vary. Win32 update 1.0 > 1.1 (21.5Mb)

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