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Return Of The Claw

Second coming for bizarre Australian-made computer games controller

Australian hardware company Ferraro Design have announced that they will be releasing an upgraded version of their "Claw" controller. Ergonomically designed to sit under your left hand and providing you with nine fingertip buttons, it was intended to replace the keyboard as a computer games control device. The Claw was certainly a nice idea, but it fell rather short of expectations here at EuroGamer, being declared "rather frivolous" and "a missed opportunity".

Ferraro's new Claw looks exactly the same as the first one, and in fact if you have already bought a Claw you can get a simple upgrade kit for it to add the new functionality. The difference is that any one of the device's nine buttons can now be programmed to act as a modifier, changing the functions assigned to your other eight buttons. This gives you the ability to use any of 16 different commands instead of the 9 possible with the original version of the Claw, which should prove useful for games like Counter-Strike where lots of radio binds are necessary. If you want to find out more, check the Claw website.